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Your body was created perfect and you were designed for amazing health. Subluxations interfere with your body’s ability to be a lean mean healing machine. We want to find and remove those interferences, which will unleash that amazing healing power in your body so you can stay in maximized health throughout your life! Your body heals from above, down, inside, out… IT HAPPENS NO OTHER WAY!


Chiropractic Services

We believe that being a chiropractor is more than someone who just helps people feel healthy. Through high-quality chiropractic and corrective care, combined with the 5 Essentials™, we’re here to empower patients with both knowledge and healing.

Structural Correction

We use multiple objective measurements including digital X-rays to determine a course of care specifically designed to get to the root cause of your issues and create a lasting change.

Corrective Rehabilitation Exercises​

Exercises specifically designed to help get a deeper and longer lasting structural change.

Stress Management Counseling

Planning to help you deal with life’s many stressors.

Wellness Education

We hold regular workshops both in office and abroad to educate the public on a variety of wellness topics.

Nutrition Counseling

Staffed nutrition leader who helps you learn how to eat and simple steps to make things attainable. Not focused on shoving a bunch of supplements down your throat.

Detoxification Guidance

Planning protocols based on your individual needs.

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Meet the Team

Dr.’s Jeremy &
Jenn Bischoff, D.C.

Doctors of Chiropractic

Dr.’s Jeremy & Jenn opened North Star Family Chiropractic about 11 years ago (Nov. 2009) and have been serving the east metro ever since. After graduating from chiropractic college, they trained in Chicago for 8 months to learn the 5 essentials that they still teach today. They are trained in advanced spinal correction and advanced nutrition.

They have a very large family practice. They see healthy families that want to stay healthy as well as families that have been led down the wrong health path ready to get their health back. They see lots of pregnant women and babies and really see people of all ages, from hours old all the way to 100. They are extremely passionate about helping people reach their highest God-given health potential. Their goal is that people have hope and joy throughout life and are empowered to live the life they were meant for.
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What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • “I must praise Northstar Family Chiropractic for the awesome service they give. Not only are the adjustments fantastic, but Northstar always has excellent response on any health questions I have. They are the best!”
    Judy Nelson
  • "Dr. Jeremy is so caring and accommodating! I really appreciate all the help I get when I ask a question about a condition and he helps me by explaining it in detail and offering me ideas on how to proceed! Awesome service!"
    Da Queen
  • “North Star Family Chiropractic is a place I will recommend everyone to go to. My first time experience was outstanding, everyone is respectful I can ask all your questions. I feel much better after my third visit go there and check it out you won’t regret it.”
    Michael George
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