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Drs. Jeremy & Jenn Bischoff, D.C.

Doctors of Chiropractic

Dr.’s Jeremy & Jenn opened North Star Family Chiropractic over a decade ago (Nov. 2009) and have been serving the east metro and Wisconsin ever since. After graduating from chiropractic college in 2008, they attended an 8-month immersion training at one of the professions largest clinics in Romeoville, IL. Here, they learned what they now bring to the community, which is the 5 essentials of health. They have received advanced certification in structural spinal correction, nutrition, and detoxification. They continue to learn new and innovative ways to best enhance the function of the nervous system and improve Innate healing.

They have a very large family practice. They see healthy families that want to stay healthy as well as families that have been led down the wrong health path ready to get their health back. They see lots of pregnant women and babies and really see people of all ages, from hours old all the way to 100. They are extremely passionate about helping people reach their highest God-given health potential. Their goal is that people have hope and joy throughout life and are empowered to live the life they were meant for.

At North Star Family Chiropractic they take a specific and individualized approach to each case, as each person is uniquely different. Thermography and digital x-rays are used to objectively measure and track progress. They use cutting edge adjusting techniques and body-weighting protocols to help guide the into a more functional position and take advantage of its own natural reflexes for assistance in correction. Specific structural correction allows for optimal nervous system communication and is the foundation to functioning at one’s God-given potential. True health is all about function.

Dr.’s Jeremy & Jenn have served as part of the wellness advisory council to USA Wrestling, Judo, and Weightlifting, and Paralympic USA Sitting Volleyball teams including serving at the 2012 Olympic games in London. Dr. Jeremy has also served as team chiropractor for many local athletic programs, from youth teams up to the University level at Concordia University St. Paul and the semi-pro football team, Northland Bulls of the NEFL.

Dr. Jeremy lectures on health and wellness at many corporations, churches, and businesses throughout the metro area and St. Croix Valley. They also set up corporate wellness events to help keep people healthy in the work field. They teach on things like, weight loss, autoimmunity, cancer, hormone imbalances, fitness, stress management, and many more.

When they aren’t serving the community, they are spending time with family and doing as much as possible outside, especially in the spring, summer, and fall months. The Dr.’s have 3 extremely fun and busy children that they enjoy so much. Marnie (age 16), Jameson (age 4), and Brandi (age 1). The gap in age makes for never a dull moment:) Skye is the other member of their family…..their dog. They love to travel, take mini family trips, play games, and do puzzles. They like being involved with church related events that they can participate in together as a family. They also usually have guinea hens and chickens to help with the insect and tick population since they live out in the country in Hudson. And being the huge packer fans that they are and cheese lovers it only makes sense that they had to live in Wisconsin.

Matthew Nehring

Lead Chiropractic Assistant and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Matthew is a single full-time dad to a wonderful 13-year old girl. He loves playing music, biking, reading, and hockey. He joined the North Star Family Chiropractic Team in July of 2020 as a Chiropractic Assistant, and helps patients stay on track with their care while assisting with events at the clinic and doing nutritional consults. He has been certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, studying at the Nutritional Therapy Association. Although his primary education is in nutrition, he is passionate about all things health-related. No matter the health subject, he will investigate, research, and learn as much as possible about it. He strives to be a wealth of information. That is the kind of care he brings to clients. As an NTP, he will evaluate a client’s symptoms and make bio-individual recommendations for dietary changes, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplementation. He will take a holistic approach by helping bring the body back into its natural balance, so it has the potential to heal itself.

Before joining the North Star team, he worked as a Systems Administrator for 10 years – using his spare time to manage a website with health-related articles and blogs, and creating social media posts chock-full of information to spread as much truth as he could. After being laid off due to COVID-19, he took it as an opportunity from the universe to start doing what he was put on this Earth to do – truly help people. He shares the same vision and mission as The Drs. Bischoff and MaxLiving and will solidify the Nutrition pillar of the 5 Essentials.

Matthew will continue to further his knowledge on wellness while sharing information through seminars, webinars, and blogs on the North Star Family Chiropractic website. He believes that we can change health care and the world by expanding our knowledge, and using that knowledge to empower ourselves to take back control of our lives and health

Lyndsay Johns

Community Outreach and Engagement

Lyndsay started working for Dr. Jeremy and Dr Jenn in 2017. She started as a CA and now because of life changes, she does community outreach and engagement. She has been an absolute blessing to the clinic because of her strong passion to help people. She said from the moment she walked into the clinic for her interview she knew that this was what she was put on this planet for. Now that she’s been a part of this mission for quite some time now, she said, “Not only has my life changed, but my families has as well. Ricki, Chloe, Peyton, and myself all get our weekly adjustments, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. My favorite thing about the clinic since I started working there, is not only how much my life has positively changed and how much I’ve grown in areas I never thought were possible, but how many life transformations I’ve seen with our patients.” Lindsay has lived in Woodbury for her whole life. She loves the community and this is where she married her best friend Ricki in October of 2016. She has an amazing bonus child named Chloe (born in 2009), and they welcomed Peyton into this world in December 2019. Lindsay absolutely loves being a mom and spending time with her family. She also loves going to concerts (mainly country), playing sports, going to church, and reading.

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