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Posture is one of those things that we all know we should care about, but it's not always easy to remember. We're sitting at desks for hours on end, hunched over our phones and tablets, or just generally slouching in the car during a long commute. It doesn't take much to start feeling pain and discomfort in your neck and back as you grow older.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Woodbury, MN, that can help improve your posture, then look no further than the professionals at North Star Family Chiropractic. The team of doctors and staff provide patients with some of the most advanced technologies available to ensure that their spine is aligned properly and they have efficient movement so they can feel great again.

Luckily, there are many ways to improve posture with a leading Chiropractor in Woodbury, MN! In this blog post, we'll walk you through the different ways that chiropractic care can help improve your posture.

We start with an important distinction

Good posture is so much more than making sure you have an upright spine. It's about having a straight and aligned spine, with your head being balanced on top of it all. This means that when you're sitting in the office chair or driving down the road, you should be able to press one finger into the center of your back without feeling any pain at all!

The next important thing for good posture correction Woodbury, MN is moving around as often as possible during the day. Being sedentary can lead to problems later on, but if we do our best to move every hour or two while working (even just walking), then these issues will never surface! Make sure that even during long phone calls or conversations where there's no movement from either person talking, to lean back and stretch out the spine.

Another thing that can be helpful in keeping your core engaged by squeezing in abs or performing a side plank every now and again. One of the best things for good posture is also wearing clothes with an elastic band at the waist, which will help keep you from slouching down when sitting or standing still.

Posture Correction Woodbury, MN - Sometimes people have great posture, and they never even think about it! But other times, bad habits cause us to slump forward over time as our body becomes accustomed to being in this position during certain activities like driving all day long or working on a computer all evening. 

It's easy enough to get into better shape if we make sure that there is enough time to work on that, but if you're like most people and don't have the luxury of taking a few hours every day for exercise or stretches, then it's worth finding ways to improve posture with simple adjustments. For starters, make sure your computer monitor is at eye level so you can look straight ahead while working rather than slouching down with neck and head in awkward positions as they follow the screen across from left to right.

Keep your back against the chair back when sitting up straight instead of leaning forward over the desk, which will cause strain throughout the spine. When driving, hold the steering wheel at ten o'clock position instead of wrapping fingers around the top edge where the ulnar nerve runs through the arm (this reduces stress on the shoulder joint).

There are two categories of poor posture:

The two categories are static and dynamic. Static is when a person slouches in one position for a long time, like sitting at their desk or driving to work every day. Dynamic refers to things like running or walking where people might have a good posture on one side of their body but not the other side because they're working much harder than normal.

Both need exercises as well as adjustments from our experienced team members who specialize in chiropractic care! A chiropractor can assess the cause for poor posture by taking a patient's history. A thorough physical examination will reveal any structural abnormalities that have been causing pain over time. 

There may be some cases where only postural changes need to take place, but other times it's necessary to treat both types simultaneously: either with manual therapies like massage therapy, stretches, or exercises recommended by the doctor; or medically if applicable with medication or surgery.

If you're experiencing symptoms from neck pain to lower backaches, please contact our office. We also offer a variety of other wellness services that can help improve your posture. You might be interested in our weight loss program, for example. Or you could have an easier time performing everyday tasks with the assistance of physical therapy.

Contact us here! We have offices conveniently located at 8380 City Centre Dr #180, Woodbury, MN 55125. Check out our website today or give us a call now at +1 651-294-4924 so we can get started with helping.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Some people may feel nervous about receiving adjustments because they're afraid of the pain involved. Others may be nervous about how they'll react to their chiropractor and whether or not it will just end up being a waste of time, but many benefits come along with an improved posture! One of the many benefits of seeing a chiropractor is that they can help improve your posture. 

We have seen patients who were experiencing chronic back and neck pain and headaches due to their poor posture. As soon as our chiropractors adjusted their spine at Northern Star Family Chiropractic with Dr. Jennifer Bischoff, patients noticed an immediate relief in pain levels! This is because when you are out of alignment with your body, it's like trying to walk around with one leg shorter than the other. 

Eventually, this will cause wear and tear on all joints involved. When we adjust someone's spinal column or vertebrae during treatment, we're lengthening muscles that had shortened from compensating for misalignments and realigning the spine to allow for a more natural movement. The first step to improving posture is making an appointment with a chiropractor. 

They will assess any health problems that might be contributing to poor alignment and offer solutions for improvement! If they recommend starting physical therapy exercises to improve muscle strength, then do it! There are also many different types of devices out there targeted at helping people maintain good form while sitting or standing - so don't feel like you have no options if you've tried everything else already. 

When we start taking care of ourselves now, we're setting ourselves up for success later on down the road. If you're experiencing any symptoms, it might be worth your time to make an appointment with a chiropractor in Woodbury and start improving your body's alignment! Remember: as people age, they lose muscle strength, leading to poor posture and other problems. 

For instance, if you notice that some mornings are worse than others because things like getting up out of bed feel hard - this is something that should be checked by someone qualified in order to get to the root of what is causing this pain.

What are Some of the Most Common Symptoms That can be Helped with Chiropractic Treatment?

Back and neck pain, headaches due to poor posture, tight or sore muscles in your back/neck from sitting at a desk all day (or driving), tension-type headache, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). This is because when you have misalignments between spinal vertebrae or joints as well as other structures around them like your ribs and pelvis - it puts pressure on nerves which then send messages through your body, causing these types of symptoms. 

When we adjust someone's alignment during treatment, this gets rid of any pinching on those areas, so they don't send any more messages with these symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms that can be helped with chiropractic treatment are:

  • Acute or chronic pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Neck, shoulder, and back stiffness/soreness (which is often caused by injury)

Dr. Jennifer Bischoff, Chiropractor for posture correction Woodbury, MN, has been a practicing chiropractor since 2009, helping people feel better without drugs or surgery. She knows how to diagnose poor alignment using X-rays, video examining techniques, and motion palpation to help patients achieve their goals. With years of experience, you will get qualified care from a Chiropractor in Woodbury, MN.

She has been awarded the prestigious "Fellowship" from this institution and certified by The American Chiropractic Association. This organization sets nationwide standards for chiropractors to meet before they can practice independently. There are many different treatments offered, including acupuncture, spinal adjustments (with his hands or with an instrument), massage therapy, laser therapy, and other therapies such as cold laser treatment, therapeutic ultrasound, and more!

Learn how you too can achieve your health goals at Dr. Jennifer's Chiropractor in Woodbury, MN, today!

How do you know when to see a Chiropractor?

Suppose You experience chronic pain in your neck, back, or extremities, Frequent headaches, Difficulty sleeping at night and restless sleep, Poor physical performance such as weakness when lifting heavy objects or walking for long distances. These are just a few indications that you may need to see chiropractic in Woodbury, MN!

You may need to contact one if your back pain is so bad that it causes Difficulty in movement or if you've had an injury and can't move for fear of hurting your neck, shoulder blades, chest muscles, or other parts of the body. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that people who visited a chiropractor after experiencing at least three weeks (or six visits) of persistent lower-back pain showed significant improvement - 76% better than those receiving only medication management treatment.

Another way to tell is by seeing how much time out from work you're getting because since most people have no idea what their posture is supposed to be like, they're likely compensating for it, and the pain will worsen. If you want a good chiropractor in Woodbury, MN, call our office today! We offer affordable payment plans, so give us a call - we take most insurance! 

Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about how your body can benefit from seeing a chiropractic Woodbury MN provider! If you require assistance with spinal alignment or if you would like more information on any related topic, please contact North Star Family Chiropractic at +1 651-294-4924 today!


The first thing you should do is start by taking care of your back with regular chiropractic adjustments - it might sound counterintuitive. Still, as we mentioned before, when our alignment gets off track, new nerve sensations are sent throughout the body, which can cause us discomfort or pain. If that sounds like something you want to explore further, You'll be able to see what type of treatment will be best suited for your needs!

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