The Advantages of Going to North Star Family Chiropractic

Are you feeling tired and sore? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Are your headaches getting worse? These symptoms may be a sign that something is wrong with the alignment of your spine.

A chiropractor can help correct this misalignment and alleviate these symptoms by manipulating the spine, bones, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues.

It is essential to know when you should see a chiropractor. Common reasons for seeing a chiropractor are pain, injuries, or illnesses such as influenza. When you have any of these conditions, it is crucial to get the proper treatment and medical attention to help your body heal and feel better.

A chiropractic doctor can provide relief from pain, repair damaged joints, and improve muscle function. If you are unsure what would be best for your condition, consult with an experienced clinician first before making any final decisions on how to go about treating your ailment.

If you're from Minnesota, the North Star Family Chiropractic providers chiropractic services to help you and other members of your family feel better.

Here are a few reasons to book an appointment today

Improves neck pain

Neck pain is widespread nowadays, especially to those working in an office setting, sitting for several hours, and often bending their neck to use their phones. It mostly happens to people who have poor posture. 

The North Star Family Chiropractic may help relieve the pain in the neck area by easing the tension in muscles and realigning the spine. 

Based on a 2012 study, it is found out that a 12-week session for spinal manipulation is far more effective compared to a medication treating non-specific pain from a group of 275 adults after 8 to 52 weeks of follow-ups. 

Another study from Trusted Source in 2019 found that manipulation in the cervical spine helps reduce neck pain by modifying neuropeptide levels in the patient's blood for a short term. The neuropeptides serve as protein components made in the nervous system that also function as hormones or neurotransmitters.

Eases back pain

Chiropractic care is a good option for more invasive treatment alternatives like injections or surgery for treating chronic or short-term back pain. 

The American College of Physicians suggests that medical doctors must encourage individuals with chronic lower back pain to look for non-medication alternatives before taking any medication in treating their pain. 

Some of the best treatment alternatives that they recommend include:

  • Exercises
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Spinal Manipulation or Chiropractic Care
  • Tai Chi
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In 2017 studies of Trusted Source, they found out that the manipulation of the spine was connected with the moderate development and function of short-term back pain compared to the placebo treatment for six weeks.

Boost your immunity

A healthier immune system must fight off the viruses and bacteria that you come in contact with. If you are healthy enough, you only need less assistance from drugs and antibiotics because the nervous system can control the function of all organs, tissues, and cells in the body.

 If there's a misalignment, it will decrease the ability of the immune system. Chiropractic treatment can do spine realignment, which frees the immune system to fight off hindrances. 

According to the study, those who take chiropractic treatment have fewer colds than others who do not take chiropractic maintenance.

Assist a healthier pregnancy

Chiropractic care helps assist a healthier pregnancy and may have an easy delivery when the time comes. During the pregnancy, the women's body goes through several changes that may affect the function of their nervous system. The ligaments located in the pelvic part may lose enough to deliver childbirth. At the same time, weight gain in pregnant women can bring instability that puts extreme pressure on the mother's spine. 

Regular chiropractic care or treatment from North Star Family Chiropractic while on their pregnancy can ensure the health of the mother and their child. Babies born with mothers who regularly visit a chiropractor improve healthier surroundings than those who don't.

Give you better sleep

For other people, sleep is elusive. They're already lucky to get a few minutes of sleep at night with sleeping aid assistance. Even if you don't see it as a lack of sleep, but you mostly wake up being groggy no matter how much time you spend sleeping, it's still possible to suffer from poor sleeping habits.

Chiropractic doctors can utilize manipulation therapy to maximize the blood flow in the body. It can help lessen several things that the body is working on when getting a night of sleep. Sometimes, the misalignment in the spine causes pressure and stress to the body, not allowing it to get proper sleep. But, a chiropractic doctor can help in realigning the spine by placing the vertebrae in each good place to help you achieve a better sleep pattern. 

Help lessen osteoarthritis symptoms

You experience pain from Osteoarthritis because the degeneration of joint cartilage causes the bones to rub together. A few types of chiropractic care that NorthStar Family Chiropractic may provide aid in realigning the joints and lessen the bones from rubbing together.

In a 2020 animal study of Trusted Source, they found proof that chiropractic adjustment and manipulation may help slow down the development of arthritis by developing the status of the bones, joints capsule, and cartilage. 

Helps improve posture

Chiropractic care or treatment may help correct a person's poor posture, primarily if it is caused by sitting too much. 

A 2017 case study from Trusted Source determined the effect of chiropractic care on a 25 years old woman suffering from neck pain, headaches, and back pain because of hyperkyphosis posture or often called hunchback posture. After her 30 sessions for six months with chiropractic, she showed a complete change in her posture and relieving pain in her neck and back. 

Provides benefits to your children's health

Chiropractic doctors are well-trained to treat not only adults but also children. Drs. Jeremy and Jennifer Bischoff are chiropractors in Minnesota who can provide treatments that will benefit all types of people, whatever their ages are. Chiropractic care for children helps eliminate and reduce symptoms of acid reflux, colic, and ear infections. It has been shown to lessen situations of bedwetting. 

Help you breathe better

Like every other body part, the lungs mostly rely on nerve functions to lead unimpeded from the human brain to the spine. If there is a misalignment in the mid-cervical regions of the spine and thoracic, it can lead to lung problems like asthma. Correcting the subluxations can lessen inflammation and will maximize the ability to breathe properly. 

Beneficial to your overall health improvement

The spine must not be taken for granted because it's a big deal to your health. It serves as a bone structure that supports the body, but it consists of the organs, including the most vital one to a person's survival. Since the spine is part of the nervous system, it is the option a person's body can communicate with the brain and other parts of the body. So, if there's a misalignment, it can lead to body issues that hinder all systems' communication and function. 


It is always important to find an effective treatment for any health condition. For those experiencing pain, injuries, or illnesses such as influenza, a chiropractic doctor can relieve pain, repair damaged joints, and improve muscle function.

A chiropractic visit to one of the best chiropractors in Woodbury, Minnesota, the North Star Family Chiropractic, can help you feel naturally and holistically better. 



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